1. BONE FOLDERS 1a. one end pointed, one end round. These are useful for repair work and are 6" long. Genuine bone. $6.00
1b. as above, but wider and more suitable for folding $8.00
1c. large Bakelite folder, 8 x 2, used for folding larger sheets and for turning cloth during cover-making. $14.00
3. SKIVING KNIVES<Our skiving knives are made in Britain from superb steel. They will take and hold a razor edge. These come ground but not honed. Specify left or right handed. $24.00
4. SHIRT-CUTTER'S KNIVES These knives are American made, 9" long. They are excellent utility knives which we use without handles. The steel is of superior quality, and will hold a razor edge for skiving or general bench work. They come ground but not honed. $12.00
5. STROPS Our strops are multi-purpose, 2 1/2" wide. The strop is in two pieces: rougher side for rough honing and setting a burr; horsehide for final honing. $45.00
6. BRUSHES Our brushes are of high quality bristle and are bridled for a more even distribution of any adhesive, from hide glue to paste.
6a. 1" diameter $25.00
6b. 1 1/2" diameter $30.00
6c. 2" diameter $50.00
7. THREAD AND CORD For consistency, strength and durability there is nothing like unbleached Irish linen for sewing. We carry only reverse twist, satin finish to insure a minimum of tangling and twisting. Thread comes in 1/2 pound cops.
7a. 18/3, a heavier thread $40.00
7b. 25/3, a thinner thread $45.00
7c. 6 ply cord $75.00 (when available)
8. HEADBANDS For work which does not require hand-sewn headbands, we use a silk headband. These are made by machine over a cane center for rigidity, and are sewn with a bead. They are 1/8" high, genuine silk.
8a. red-gold silk $2.00/yd
8b. red-green silk $2.00/yd
8c. blue-silver silk $2.00/yd
9. ADHESIVES 9a. Specially formulated PVA (polyvinal acetate) made to our specifications. This is a white glue and is non-acidic. It sets quickly and forms a transparent surface. Unlike wood glues, our PVA will not crack. It can be diluted with paste or water to lengthen the set-up time. pints
5 gal.
9b. A similar product to 9a, but is stronger and less flexible. It is primarily used in box-making and similar projects where strength is a priority.pints
5 gal.
10. GUMMED HOLLAND Useful for reinforcing endpapers and for hinging, this is non-acidic and comes 1" wide. Rolls are 100 yards in length. $70.00
11b. Flexible glue is available in cakes and has a high glycerin content to maintain flexibility. It is not as strong as hide glue.1 pound
10 pounds
12. SUPER (CRASH, MULL) Used for spine reinforcement, this material is slightly starched and ribbed for extra strength. (12-3/4 in. wide) $1.50/yard
13. GOLD CUSHIONS Available in 12 x 5" size. $70.00
14. PUMICE POWDER Used for keeping both the gold cushion and gilding knives dry and grease free. Supplied in 1 pound boxes. $10.00
15. COTTON Non-sterile, in 12" rolls. Used for laying gold, clean-up and other shop uses. $12.00
16. GILDER'S KNIVES These knives are used for cutting gold leaf and can be honed. Call for price
17. GOLD LEAF 17a. Free gold leaf, 3 3/8 x 3 3/8" come 25 sheets to a book, 20 books per pack. this is XXD in color, a rich deep gold. Call for price.
18. GLYCERIN Glycerin is used in glaire recipes and in paste. 1 oz. quantity. Call for price
23. LEATHER DRESSING Our dressing follows the British Library formula. It is used to replace oxidized fats and oils in leather, keeping it supple and flexible. Supplied in 4 oz. jars. $15.00
24. MARBLED PAPER CATALOG We have sought and found a group of marblers who produce excellent papers. Our sample book includes papers from 6 countries as well as some basic non-acidic plain papers. $30.00 postpaid
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